Sunday, December 12, 2004

silent all these years

tomorrow i gotta wake up mother early to get to ttsh by 8. so psyched up haha. should i bring a camera? i think i shall.
life's dwindling to a bunch of rather strained activities. i think i will feel lost if i lost my friends to the army. lucky some aren't going in so soon, and lucky some aren't guys =)

i notice that people like to criticise. i do it too =p but i'll try to shut up and listen more. the thing is though, if everyone's so cool and listen more, then who on earth do they listen to? cos sometimes, out of all the shit that people say, there may some good stuff. heehee. but then hor i don't think i can be content and shut up on the inside. there're too many things i can't let go of. i'd say let bygones by bygones, but can't give anything up. i'd sit at a math problem till i cry before really walking away. i won't skip the question. it's stupid, really. haha. but i won't be doing math anymore =)

the person who has learnt to be content in whatever circumstances he finds himself is the one who knows how to live at peace with himself. such a person is not upset because he does not win every contest. he finds satisfaction in playing the game for the joy of playing, not for the victory. (haha i really like to win though) such a person has thought through his sense of values so that the fulfilment of his desires brings inner satisfaction and peace of mind rather than unrest and remorse. true peace is as often found in resisting passions as in satisfying them. the dangers lies not so much in what we want, as in wanting something simply to satisfy an unworthy desire. the person who is content with himself knows how to be content within. wah. i shall strive to be like that =p goodnight.

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