Wednesday, December 15, 2004


heehee ;)

serene and me had a jolly good time being attached to dr heng. okay most of the time we stood around observing him, avoid getting in the way of other doctors and nurses and trying to decipher all the abbreviations he used. but it was really really fascinating to see the surgeries (did you know that cataract surgery is the most common in the entire world) including lasik! it's not scary at all, to me at least and i'm very impressed with the way he communicates with all kinds of patients, his patience and thought process and how meticulate he is, and of course his skill. woah, to deal with a body part as small and as vital as the eye takes a lot of courage and hand eye coordination. daunting to think of whether i can be as good as that one day, let alone get into medical school. hai. i wanna be a doctor so bad.

and haha of course there was eye candy to brighten our day and make us feel more energetic though we stood for the most part of the day in the freezing operation theatre/clinic. feel like asking him to take photo with me, but of course emily is meek and mild and shy. hahaha. hm. started thinking about taste in guys. i don't think there's a specific kind of guy for me, but just whoever catches my eye. i envy serene who has unique taste - then her bf will be truly special. hmpf. oh well, according to my mum, i can only start looking at boys when i finish with university =p

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