Saturday, December 18, 2004

hee hee ;)

argh i hate great world city at midnight. for some unknown, and totally daft reason, they switched off the airconditioning during the movie! and everyone just died of stuffiness. not to mention ocean's twelve is nauseating, as in physically cos of the filming. i didn't really enjoy it.

i've decided, not just suddenly, but for very very long, that i wanna be a doctor, of medicine. and it was a decision not made just once, but many many times. i really really wanna be a doctor =) i just like to say it, i dunno why =p today was terrific! except for the part i found out that the cute guy is taken. more specifically, married. okay on to more impt stuff. dr heng has been wonderful in showing us the right way to deal with patients. i didn't attach to him merely to learn about the eye and other nevertheless interesting clinical stuff, but now i realise he's a very very good consultant and the experience was invaluable. he has the power of observation, *never* makes mistakes, checks everything thoroughly and does everything so perfectly (reminds me of yunlei, but yunlei doesn't speak so hypnotically) heehee i'm finally gushing about stuff unrelated to cute guys.

okay, then when he had to go, he passed us over to the m.o.s who were a bit lost as to what to do with us. they were kinda awkward the first few minutes but eventually got the hang of 2 students, who aren't even in med school, standing around like shadows. insights on what we're, hopefully, getting ourselves into - extremely useful point of view. we had a great time being on call, though it was a quiet night, for as long as i was there anyhow. imagine me in the future, all alone waiting for someone to page me. cool :) glad we got to follow dr hee around ;) it definitely woke me up for the rest of the day. and it got me seriously thinking (again, everytime i shadow doctors i have to think properly about the future, and it's been a great brain-clear-er) really, even though everyone says to think of other possibilities, i try. but never can. for me, this is it.

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