Wednesday, December 29, 2004

feeling all right

farewell to rafflesjudo for now. going back on the 4th for training. woo =) the bbq was ruined by rain and this horrible feeling in my guts - dreading the time when we really have to part and go out separate ways. on the bright side, i flew a kite!!! it didn't go very high, and it was a bit spasticated cos it was a kite that tingyong or someone found on the floor. oh yes and there wasn't much wind. still, yay!!

oh i've been crying (last episode of sex and the city) and confessing vigorously and being extremely loving to sixuan's hands! ;) i love that girl. if she even reads this. hello cai i love you so much!

it's unfair how some people can break up, and still be on such good terms, and sometimes suddenly get back together. i'm very envious of my hypothetical life. i know a lot more now than before, like how if it feels right, just go for it. and now i know that he was no good for me - got together too early, and broke up too late - for 2 fantastic reasons. but bygones, and i can't seem to talk about it; the best i got was blogging and sms-ing. which is fairly useless if i can't tell anything to anyone.

i still want to be cheered up haha. dear friends, please treat me to loads of outings and movies! =)

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