Thursday, December 30, 2004


started the week wanting to go for the opening of the new rjc. but then i realised there's no free mrt ride, and that no one seemed to be going when i'm free, and other unforeseen circumstances. so instead i chose to die of boredom watching unborn at jm's place. it's the most unscary scary show ever. i was scared a total of one time, before the movie started cos the whole room seemed too dark =p but oh well, we ended up in a unfluffy-pillow fight turned feet tickling turned face abusing session. with me on the losing end, i.e. i had essence of feet smeared all over my face. i'm still plotting my revenge ;)

read "how to meet cute boys". didn't teach me a single thing!! angry. haha no la. but it was a fun and easy read, with rather unhelpful quizzes in between. now to finish the awit series of books. can't wait for tomorrow. plan to walk to daryl's house. i haven't seen any of my classmates since the chalet, miss them plenty.

the news of tsunamis destroying everything in their way, and ruining two thousand and four, is really depressing. the death toll keeps rising- i wish it wouldn't. tomorrow, i wish they'd make an announcement and say they added 4 too many zeros or something. and maybe it's cos of hormones, i cry everytime i see the tv/newspapers reporting the tragedy. can't help thinking that maybe we (the human race) deserve it, cos we've been horrible to each other and it's a wake up call for us to stop fighting among ourselves and start helping those really in need. if you want a war, stop and think of the victims of the asian tsunamis before dispatching troops of soldiers to sacrifice their lives in a war that shouldn't have started in the first place. however, really, no one deserves it. but, things work in mysterious ways, so we'll just wait and see. i pray the situation will improve and that help keeps pouring in and lives return back to normal. please. make two thousand and five a promising and joyful year.

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