Saturday, January 01, 2005

goodbye to twothousandandfour

the new year's here and i don't feel a thing. maybe sadness, and this exasperating argh-ness. like the whole world is gay except me. that'd be really truly devastatingly sad hahaha. last night's countdown, though spent with my family and supposed to make me excited and warm inside, only made me feel lonely and glum. i'm quite good at looking happy, and eventually it'll cheer me up. resolutions don't work for me, cos i forget i ever made any after a week or two.

hon called with the most amusing of stories and now i'm wondering what happened to the cookies. cos. i'm hungry =)

what a way to start the year. optimistically speaking, things can't get any worse.

where's the magic moment,
to carry me away?

move on
move on.
help. anyone?

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