Monday, January 03, 2005

a kick in the head

i'm just waiting for a direct and convincing rejection
tired of second guessing, having this whole planet of regret sit on my shoulders
god it's a new year and i'm still moping about
i have a cute desk calendar which says "another year - another chance to be cuter than ever!" so cute haha. cute thrice in a sentence is too much cute i can take.
i am an evil pang-seh queen. sorry =(
and i'm a bully. sorry ivan :( see, public apology... i refuse to do any head stands.
nervous about my interview. and it's in more than 2 weeks. have nightmares of it not even existing. shit. SHIT.
starting to feel lonely. i'll really miss the poor boys being shipped off to evil island. good luck. i happen to think that ns is the end of cute boyboy-ness and the start of a strange kind of horny beng-ness. please, prove me wrong.

reminder to emily: get over it.

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