Wednesday, January 05, 2005

dota bleargh

mwahaha. sorry to all the boys who dota like crazy and worship it like a teenager worships a crush.
pleasant day spent with my dear yun who's really very funny and adventurous hahaha. we explored rj! it's just freaking big. we'd have gotten lost if not for the fact that we didn't even know where we were headed. i must say that the field is fantastically green and i wanna roll in it given the right set of clothes. had a pseudo class gathering with a whole lot of 412 in the new building doing different stuff. yay i can't wait for friday!! it's funny how you can spend hours just sitting and talking about everything and nothing, and not wish you were elsewhere.

tonight my mum started a conversation about boys and marriage. started out with the fact that studying in singapore would mean that i'd be living comfortably at home and could drive to school etc. but if i studied in uk, i must not get distracted by relationships. she gave me like a route map of what to do to start a family or something. i must study hard and be smart (oh as if i can help my smart-ness) then when i graduate i can pick and choose my partner. okay then, i "must choose a person of the opposite sex" and "make sure he's attracted to people of the opposite sex" at this point i'm just dying from amusement and the rest is about the same as what most mothers tell their kids.

hmm. don't know what to say anymore. ohno,ohno, thanks gabriel!! =)
oh hai can't celebrate my birthday this year =( taken over by flight to uk and grandmothers' birthdays. hai. nvm i'm just being childish. goodnight *grouches*

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