Saturday, January 08, 2005

ants vs lizards, the great debate

haha i'm so very happy! =) true, i was grumpy for about the first 2 hours i've been home, grouching at anyone who talked to me. but that's cos i'm so so sleepy =p stayed up to watch ju-on, or more accurately watch the back of tzemeng's shirt and the mattress and my sweater. i did not scream so blood curdling-ly la. maybe this is what i'm like, play a movie and hide my face a second before the scary part. but argh i want to kill tzemeng for his horrible backstabbing! =/

good to see ili sya anna hwying selene and ad again. anna is hilarious. selene was going into shock cos there was an ant on the table ten thousand miles away, and she was trying to bury herself in a sleeping bag. so anna asked her, would you rather three ants or three lizards. better still, would you prefer a swarm of ants to a swarm of lizards? yun and jen just laughed and laughed =p swimming with hon is fun! busty girls to gawk at, attempts at butterfly and interesting conversations at the edge of the pool - so homely. think it's the first time i've swam/swum in the morning. it's cool, the water's very cold. see i'm trying to train for the cold weather in uk. i learnt how to blade thanks to ilai and kai. eh so cute, your names rhyme. and and and, i didn't fall once! loved sya's surprise, so totally spontaneous of us (kinda) and amusing when we recycled it for terrified justin. he wasn't terrified of the cake, just what was gonna happen haha. it was a great day and i will forever be traumatised by jo and the ocean - stupid girl tried to throw me in and i ended up squatting on the floor clinging to sunny's legs. most importantly, thank you yun for the bbq!

the judo guys are really nice! haha not that i didn't already think that, but i like them more than ever =) they are, however, extremely extremely destructive. jeremy and tzemeng especially... can you believe they broke 2 chairs just by sitting (in them) and laughing! *lol*

i just came back from shopping at taka. i was snoring away on the sofa cos of the lack of sleep whenthe phone rang. i'm very easily swayed when i'm half awake, so i said yes and the next thing i knew i was on a bus to orchard cos my mum found some nice clothes for me to try =p okay i need to bathe desperately. the shampoo there sucks. yay i love 412 =)

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