Sunday, January 09, 2005

if it wasn't for the weather

the monsoon season's going to be over
rain always makes me sleepy.
i like to put on floppy clothes ten sizes too big
and drape myself on the sofa
the sound of the tv and the brainless visual input knocks me out
love to wake up in time to watch the credits roll right by
my mood swings are less sinusoidal, more like a constant glumness
these are the days i enjoy my own company,
as friends are stuck under their own roofs
a good book and a hot drink keep my eyes open
and rainy day music -
itunes is remarkable at randomly playing just the right songs
get lost in the lyrics, nod my head to the beat (i think)
and sing along, out of tune, always
a subtle shift in the tone of... us
dynamics remain, but no longer in shades of grey
the rain isn't stopping
wonder how long it'll be till we meet again
when will the sun shine once more

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