Friday, January 14, 2005

and he misses his hair

haha so cute.... everyone would probably be missing home cooked food, their beds and their girlfriends. but someone has complained about missing his hair!

i hate my house. sorry floor, i really can't stand you. my slave driver made me wipe the marble, mop the patios, carpark and behind and many many stairs. sorry garden i think i don't like you anymore. me and mosquitoes have a nice relationship, it's called parasitism. okay but there ARE redeeming points. haha floor is quite nice. when i'm tired the marble is cooling and its abstract markings calm me. curtains drawn, i could've walked around naked if i wanted to haha ;) garden can be fine. i was sent to water the garden. the moment water sprayed into sunlight, a rainbow appeared and i cheered like a goon (ahh hon, the word is stuck in my head) and given the fact that there really isn't anything better to do, i pointed the hose upward and there was rain! =) then the hilarious stories of my mum and her bad luck in the kitchen - ran out of gas, frightful lizards, broken sinks and bad sewage. i think i am fated to not do so much house work, and own a medium sized house without much to clean!! i hate mops by the way, the way water drips like a runny nose and how disgusting the water becomes after that. urgh *wrinkles nose* i want to be a spoilt brat/tai tai =) or at least live like one!

off to nurse my mosquito bites. ooh flying off on monday, maybe london won't have pesky insects.

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