Sunday, January 16, 2005

is there an echo in here

my mother the slave driver...
how to clean the garden
step 1: shake trees in garden
step 2: wait for leaves to drop
step 3: go pick them up

yvette's really sweet! no idea how she found out i was going to uk but she emailed me! wah =) i really really hope to be able to play rugby with tientien, for ucl, against her. please cross your fingers for me!

kenneth and yunlei are the funniest people on earth. we visited toys r us and i think i ended up having more fun there than them. anyways, my dad told me there was a wanted robber who lived in a toys r us store for 18 whole months without getting caught. he was a good man i think, went to church, donated toys (stolen from toys r us) to the children there. for exercise he cycled around the store. so cute right! =) i think they're doing a movie on him. reminds me of the terminal. maybe it'll be called "the toy store"

hmmm. i don't want to turn nineteen. the last of the teens. eeyurgh =/ soon i'll be twenty. cool. haha. strange age to be. i can't imagine me saying i'm nineteen while i'm still wearing my p4 shirts and nyps shorts. goodnight! i hope i grow taller by tmr.

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