Sunday, January 30, 2005

boys and their caps

today (or yesterday. seeing it's morning already) i stepped into the army market at beach road and thanked god that i still have my hair in tact, and no need to serve ns. wandered around, more like a kid in a toy store than i could imagine, but the company was comforting and really apologetic. i didn't mind one bit, silly boy. i wanna gush about how impressed i am with the spirit, endurance and discipline of the commandos... somehow very proud to know gabriel's surviving pretty decently in there. yay keep it up! =)

it was an enjoyable day of travelling, eating, walking, eating, shopping and eating. it's pretty fun going out with deprived people haha... keep eating, and that keeps me happy. and also *any* activity will do, be it just walking like lost sheep, sitting down, or well, eating. anyhow, i'm very glad with the way my day turned out. didn't meet anyone particularly nasty and got to spend time with a few of my favourite people on earth =D

nose is dying. i think it's from the vigorous perfume shopping we did. seriously, it's dead- my dinner tasted like paper. maybe paper tasted better. gah. and wow did you know that some people don't go to tekong, they go pasir ris/changi/wherever instead? yay i feel less far away from you now. and hoho i promise to send you photos to stick in your locker ;)

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