Friday, January 28, 2005

dusty the sandman

i hate techno.
more accurately, i hate drilling. especially at 830 in the morning and 5 in the evening. the pounding makes me feel like i have a brain tumour (choy) which knows exactly the worst possible moment to act up. and i hate the dust that's billowing about, and killing my poor garden plants, and dirtying our black car and white shoes. it's so polluted i might as well go live in london right now. ack. if i had a million dollars. i would buy over the land directly opposite my house (formerly the chinese high hostel, now a construction site, probably a life sciences block in the future) and let grass grow wild. then i'd go there to fly kites, have picnic lunches and ice cream floats, play touch with my doggies or like, make out =p right.

went running to escape the noise and ended up dying from exhaustion near 6th avenue so i decided to take 156 back. without much thinking, i hopped into a 156 only to realise that i was at jelita and not home. wow. only good thing was that daryl met me. i say that because i was so tired i didn't bother to look around and didn't realise she was waving vigorously when she was still in and i was still outside the bus. haha just a funny incident.

visited jo's office. can see my house. and once in a blue moon, cute (sometimes not so) little boys. hai. life's boring huh. i can't wait for tomorrow!! just bubbling over waiting to go out. finally get to see my tekong boy/s. okay apparently i have wronged the metrosexual. apparently everyone misses their hair too. haha. wanna be in the army. armed of course with a million tonnes of deodorant and clean clothes [not for me] and snacks [for me] =)

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