Tuesday, January 25, 2005

future tense

expensive birthday cake

yummy birthday cake mmmm =)

hello! i love you too!! so =)
you know who you are ;)
you made my day, you make most my days
friends are the family we choose for ourselves - that's from a wise fridge magnet that's conveniently placed on my desk. i'm so glad you chose me *smiles* and i loved the "surprise" lunch. even though it wasn't extremely surprising, it made me smile for 2 whole days, from the time i touched down at changi. even more so when i saw vincent selling perfume there. bwahaha. anyway, i love!! all the presents, they're exactly what i needed. hon's calendar is hilarious though a bit weird. and now i've a photo album, i need to buy photo stickers! yay and take more pictures. smile!

what a difference a year makes
actually it wasn't very much different
you called the earliest, the same as you did last year
others forgot or had to be reminded, same as they did last year

funny how 5 weekdays seem like eternity
and the weekend like a nanosecond
hurry and get off that island!

after the stayover on my birthday
we have concluded that however innuendo-prone i am, in class or out of it
i am pretty much averse to *drum roll* ... the s word :\:/:|
excuse the stereotype but guys seem to enjoy it better than girls la.
heehee, but i -will- think about yun's suggestion even after i totally dismissed it last night ;)

here's to the most exciting year as yet *cheers*
hopefully there'll be plenty of travelling, partying and shopping
meeting cute guys
staying loyal ;)
and making up my mind =p

ps. lookit this car! london vehicles are exciting =)

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