Saturday, January 22, 2005

i'm baaaack =)

hello mr bed. hello dogs. hello jo hello yunlei hello hon hello saus hello yoke hello ilai hello nsboys hello singapore. yay finally back! turns out singapore airlines is fantastic, foodwise, service and entertainment aspects of it. i got to watch plenty of movies including de-lovely =p

ahhhhh. got my first birthday call already whee~* so :)

tomorrow is my last teen. today i found a box wrapped in a "birthday girl" wrapper and thought it was mine. turned out to be my dad's present, from a grateful albeit strange patient. haha. for a moment i thought i had a secret admirer heehee. reminds me of old times *sigh* i hope tomorrow will be full of good and surprising surprises. i love my friends =)

london was great fun. except for the disappointing london eye - it was closed for maintenance till cny and the english way being rather expensive to live. advice: bring good lip balm, a scarf and good socks, camera with batteries and a fat wallet. oh the shops are big, and people are so tall in london, and they drive very terribly haha. my impression is that they're very friendly if you find the right ones. the transport system's very complicated and massive. and urgh the air is sooo polluted! ooh, followed gabriel's suggestion and caught chitty chitty bang bang and the phantom of the opera. i liked phantom better though the theatre was hot and crowded. they serve ice cream during the interval though =) yes okay i'm tired. need to unpack and wait for time to pass.

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