Thursday, February 24, 2005

baby it's cold outside

snow in london!
or according to my mum, dust
foggy/cloudy so no london eye, for the 2nd time.
everyone reads over there, dan brown or the free newspaper in the train
speaking of which, i took the heathrow express from terminal 4 to terminal 1, just for fun, and also cos we got a bit confused and just hopped on. it's so clean and spacious and there are mags to read and the seats are in pairs with plenty of leg room. if only the ride didn't only last 4 minutes. if only my 13hr flight were like that =p
oh and i must say that singapore airlines does pamper people, as compared to another airline which i took. we were only given 2 small cold meals on the flight and i would've died of like self digesting or sth. okay rambling shall stop soon.
i'm hungry. newton sounds good for supper =)

jon jonsson is in singapore!
i will go walk around and hope i bump into him *wishful thinking*

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