Saturday, February 19, 2005

turf's up

played a little bit of touch today, finally! :)
even though it was only 2 v 2, and for about 30 seconds =p
that was after getting horribly LOST at freaking big turf city, all by myself, in lousy rainy weather. urgh, just think a fully soaked shirt turned transparent, chilly winds and damp toes.
thank goodness i was thick skinned enough, and this hc boy called collin, nice enough to walk with me all the way to the very ulu fields. can't wait for better weather next week. yay my sentosa cap has proven itself :) survived today's rain and kept the upper half of my face dry. haha. till next week babes.

btw hahaha my calendar says "great! our first vacation in yrs and not a ray of sunshine in sight!"

today was an unexpected shopping spree, for my parents. not me =( dad was supposed to follow mum to buy boots, because she couldn't decide. the moment we got out of the car park and stepped into taka, my dad went mad and walked into cerruti or sth like that, and vigorously tried on shoes, sandals and belts. he bought one of each! crazy man. but then again, they were having a reeaally good sale and he won't shop the rest of the year. good shopping.

okay time for bed. or at least time to snuggle up with a few of my toys. haha i named them, a very long time ago, after whoever gave it to me. kinda feel weird about it now but nvm! i'm mad. wooo.

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