Saturday, February 12, 2005

a full life :)

the past few days, the only thing keeping me motivated is food. actually no la, it's my friends and family being supportive and ever so nice. but still, the amount of food we eat is tremendous. you wouldn't think we'd be so small sized =p i might actually have an extra stomach.
the idea of one continuous meal - the moment you wake up till just before you go to bed, there's a constant shovelling of food into mouths, vigorous digesting and exponential weight increase. hopefully after cny, it'll return to normal 3-meals-a-day and my 2 stomachs reduce in capacity!

open house at my place and ivan's pot luck was full of laughter and as usual, plenty of food. mwahaha. we gambled with paperclips for money, abused my soft toys, mahjonged, ate more, and snapped lots of photos of ns boys without hair. okay i promised to post pictures so here.

da sao chu-ing. bet you've never seen people sweep up a pond.

and just because he looks so adorable in this picture, and there's a bit of red in the photo (cny mood) i present you with mr jackie tan en gou =)

last but not least, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY JO! i love you =)

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