Sunday, February 06, 2005

never found land

good morning! i will cherish the 10 minutes left of a morning. and laze around summore. today is sunday and there is no construction work, no dust, no noise. "it takes a genius to whine appealingly" *lol* after 3 whole posts complaining about ucl being slow...
i got a letter yesterday - EXE TAN
next line - medical admissions interview
i *just* got their invitation for an interview on the 19th of jan!
well done guys. super efficient i see.
thank goodness i got their email.
ah well, as for the results, a watched pot never fills, so i'm going to busy myself with house cny preparations.
as if there are so many things to do haha. instead of da sao chu-ing, i'm going to start small and clean one corner of my room every day till wednesday. okay damn, i just looked around and counted more than 4 corners. so, haha, 2 corners every day till wednesday =p

missing people! haha i mean i'm missing them, they're not lost. my lost boys. mine right. haha. crap this is really bad rambling, don't read on la silly people. i can't wait for cny. og gambling party and tonnes of food! yum. very conflicted about feelings. lousy heart.

finding neverland was a good show. no idea why i kept crying. and cos i had a guy sitting next to me, no matter how close we are, i tried not to bawl or sob bwahaha. so i landed up with tears streaming down my face silently. so silly. peter's a good actor. and johnny depp is sexy ;) don't think i've ever said that about anyone else. buck up, boys! =)

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