Wednesday, February 09, 2005

year of the chicken?

haha okay year of the rooster. it's just funnier to say year of the chicken.
happy chinese new year! i wish for all health, wealth and happiness. may only good things happen to you. wan shi ru yi and xin xiang shi cheng! :)
am pretty psyched up for tomorrow. no idea how many people will turn up. but i love you all! =)
i need a bit more time to lose weight and look unfat in my cny clothes though =p no need for me to lament about having to give all my ang baos to my mum to "keep" it won't change things, and i don't really mind.
oh i just thought of something! i love bak kwa :) especially when you toast little bite size squares!
think i'm actually really truly running out of things to say. even my rubbish is limited these days. goodnight!

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