Monday, February 14, 2005

non vday related

hello i love everyone! :)
not in the best of moods, but not suicidal either
no hot date (no complaints, never had one all these years for vday)
got plenty of chocolate from cny. plus cookies, brownies, nuts, sweets bak kwa. i might have to have another gathering just to finish it up haha.
will go learn something new. driving, golf (urgh. under parents' orders) or guitar or i dunno (my grandma suggested singing or dancing and i toppled off my chair. i bet you did too haha)
or do one of david's papers - nothing better to do. i wish i could play rugby. the matches on tv aren't fun to watch when you're already itching to run around tackling people =p
one more week, don't know if everything's worth it. but you never know till you know. yay so logical.
i have a really cute picture on my calendar! i wish my bf were that cute and fluffy and innocent ;)

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