Sunday, February 27, 2005

tom bruise

argh i am in pain!!! went for blacks contact clinic today - it has nothing to do with medicine haha - and now that i'm home, i'm feeling really unfit. you can't feel the actual unfit-ness, but you can feel all the consequences of being unfit. the bruises on my elbows and knees are starting to show, and my butt is sore, and my neck and thighs are achey. fortunately no serious cuts, only tiny ones on my arms, knees and calves from the tackling practise that never really got applied during the game (just blind collisions with unlucky people)

we did drills and learnt like the basic of basics. twas good fun, chasing the ball around like headless chickens (excusable since we were new to the game) and yay i got to be in plenty of scrums, got to be the scrum half, and tackle people like mad. half the time i was just doing what i was told, not knowing what was going on. and during the first game, because i didn't know the rules, i'm so very sorry to whoever i tackled and didn't actually have the ball, not that my tackles are really impactful haha. aside from that, it's just great to sweat out all the bad things in life, and get a bit high doing something exciting. if i'm alive next week, i will go back! but now i can't decide whether to go for touch or contact, or both. oh thank you chubs for the drink. i love you! =)

then i got a humongous cut on my neck, from klassie!! totally pissed at him. he's such a jealous creature, biting and growling and scratching me just cos i brought jackie out for a walk **klassie doesn't go out cos he's scared of the gate. gahhh. but my mum said that, after i left to bathe, he was so sad *heart melts* so i've kinda forgiven him =p

arghhhh!!! can you imagine having a tantrum over sms, with an inarticulate guy, in ns? it's horrible. there's very delayed response due to them not being able to use their phones whenever they want. it's the disrupted argument and exasperatingly slow progress of it that pisses me off on top of everything. seriously, you better watch what you say about me because i'm an intolerant bitch. hmm, is this a sign that i'm finally through with it? secretly happy urgh.

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