Tuesday, March 01, 2005

bad feeling at the pit of my stomach, that won't go away no matter how many times i tell myself that it's all done and can't be changed so just sit tight and pray hard. i knew it was gonna be shit when i walked out of the exam hall, bio especially. and knowing my luck (or lack of it) with exams and grades and nerves, i am dying of anticipation. my parents wanna come with me on friday. i just wanna grab the cert/paper, keep it in a non-transparent file and go celebrate without ever having to look at the 4, or 5, essential letters.

my mum spoils me! i realised i'm still such a baby haha. was in cold storage and she decided to buy chocolate eggs for easter - good friday's march 25th - and threw this huge box, containing an eeyore toy plus a big hollow choc egg, into the cart and told me it's for me when i do well *tears* i'd hate to disappoint, and i'd hate to not be able to open that box come friday.

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