Friday, March 04, 2005

crabs at midnight

guess now that the high's worn off, i am quite disappointed with my results, but i saw it coming so there's no point moping. the moment i walked out of the hall i knew it was a bad paper. luckily it's not the most important thing in life. urgh though an ugly U is just gross.

had a comforting cafe cartel bread-eating so called lunch. where we only ordered 2 waffles and koped a mountain of bread. i will miss those girls like mad if i have to go away, or more likely, when they go away. and the celebratory dessert at swensens with yun was sweet, where we ended up ordering more than just desserts =p am having such a nice chat with sunny and ili. ah i love those people :)

glad for all the people (55% of freaking rj) who got their well deserved, or not, good grades. and congrats to daph and her perfect score!! cheer up if you aren't happy, because as i said before this isn't the most important part of life. and being sad just makes you grow old faster. ! thank you to all the teachers who've helped make me less of a failure at all the subjects i suck at eg. chemistry physics biology and maths. and oh my god mister yeo yam khoon rocks! i love him to death :) even my parents are in awe of his testimonial writing skills. the funniest line was "... emily sold brightly coloured lilies as part of the lilies on the river charity..." which was the same for nick and probably the others who did that dreadful cip.

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