Saturday, March 05, 2005

crabs for dinner

crap. i bought nice! new!! cheap!!! nike boots and was going to surprise everyone tomorrow but then my mum postponed church till tmr and now i hafta skip training to go for church. it's not that big a deal but i'm nevertheless disappointed =( fuck. oh hmmm anyone notice how good i am at cursing these days. blame it on the weather.

lunch at thai express. was expensive, but who cares. according to hon i look really miserable eating spicy food. haha it's not that i dun enjoy it, it's just i start tearing involuntarily everytime it gets too spicy. gah.

caught closer with jen hon yun. hilarious incident with popcorn. hon dropped one bit on the sofa we were on and i picked it up to throw away, since i am a very thoughtful and considerate person, but instead by reflex action the food just went straight to my mouth and got swallowed. *pui pui pui* yuck.

met ad and sunny and ate a cake at nydc outside heeren. hilarious incident involving hon and her untimely burst of audible comments. we walked past this (rather famous) girl hon said in a loud voice "wah so ugly!" which is normally fine if you're never going to meet her again. but HAHA we had to be seated right opposite her! oops. can't wait for the next outing, to sentosa i hope. whee =)

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