Monday, March 07, 2005

daydream. escape artist

argued with my mother right after church. about listening to her. gah. i can hear her fine, but somehow when she talks about something really important my face gives the impression of me not listening. it's really not my fault, it's all going in but my face shows something else! bleargh. it only gets worse cos i involuntarily roll my eyes whenever she says "listen to me" i can take instructions from people even though it doesn't look it, especially if they're my family and are older than me. well done.

lost myself watching hallmark shows and reading harry potter. miss my 412 girls, who really aren't considered merely ex-classmates but rather fantastic trustworthy and fun friends who'll be there rain or shine. miss my army boys too, can't wait for after tuesday! but then again some don't even get out so soon, or for so long. bleargh. wish i could just conjure up loved ones when i want, or whisk myself (and a hot date) off on a magic carpet ride *daydream* starting to wonder about the point of finding someone now. ahah! another hypothesis: if you wanna marry someone, please don't date him/her when you're too young or it'll just be shit. there's a fine [time] line over there though.

this is my favourite photograph "daydream", cos i always do that, if the railing's clean i can daydream anywhere. used to know lots abt the photographer but i can't rmb his name at 2am. Image hosted by

flying off again in less than a week. that means another missed sunday rugby session *sulks* and serious luggage packing and shopping for winter clothes. realised i've outgrown my p4 windbreaker only when it started snowing in london and my wrists felt particularly chilly; the sleeves are short which can only mean that though i haven't grown taller, at least my limbs have lengthened!! :) and yeahhh i hope i don't have to work tomorrow, so i can just run off to wherever and play rugby with my brand new boots! i'm not ready to give up all sports just yet. (mum kept lecturing me about quitting everything in uni... wth. and of course i looked away before rolling my eyes to avoid any further lecturing) i don't think i can ever give this up. totally in love with rugby. fuck the ban on contact lenses too :) hey, have i ever been known to give up anything? look at all the boys-with-gfs, boys-who-don't-want-me, boys-who've-hurt-me and boys-i've-pushed-away-yet-still-wanna-be-friends-with. bleargh. not many HAHA. goodnight all.

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