Thursday, March 10, 2005


when i said i like travelling, i didn't particularly mean around singapore, which isn't that big a deal. but today was fun and purposeful.

finally moving on with life, i went to register for driving at bbdc. yay! now all i need is more money for lessons and the bbdc's website so i can book stuff online. big brother kindly fetched me there [the people around bt batok drive really slowly] waited with me and sat through a horrendously boring briefing which i immediately forgot once outside the briefing room. the usually stern receptionist burst out laughing in my face because i had no more money and had to resort to the $2 notes leftover ang bao found in my bag O_o yes funny story! this is what happens when you don't pay attention in class. the person briefing us asked what course we were taking, so people answered, "manual" or "auto" and this girl at the back of the class said "cindy. first time here" i laughed really loudly, i hope she doesn't recognise me next time.

impromptu trip to j8 for hitch and lunch. oh no such sad news to tell people like me (if any) there are NO MORE CURLY FRIES at macdonalds!!! *sobs* i waited so long to find good company so i could enjoy my favourite unhealthy food properly, and they stop sellling it. wah biang. hitch is passable, but an empty theatre where you could choose your seats and practically lie horizontal, not to mention will smith acting, add so much value to his films so i shall say hitch was great :)

went all the way to amk to fax scholarship stuff (not mine) and were mis-recognised as a "loving couple" at the post office due to our squabbling and my always being right *lol* vaguely amused, and kinda glad. sat down in kfc for an hour, contemplating relationships, wondering when everything started then being in denial. this is the kinda day that i like, spent entirely in an interesting person's company, doing anything, going anywhere, talking about everything we please and eating continuously. semi taitai life. yeah ;)

now i'm eating a kinder surprise egg, in celebration of the coming easter (yeah it's in 2 weeks haha) and trying to book lessons online. whee! haha and i think i'm annoying kang cos her comp is slow =p and oh did anyone notice, i created links and stuff! took me ages to do, without screwing everything else up. feel so accomplished. all i need now is to magically be able to read up on everything medical and remember it. psyche up. need to pack for the trip, and make sure i've enough space for all the shopping i intend to do =)

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