Saturday, March 12, 2005

em has the tendency to spout nonsense

okay this is insane, i just used the phrase "blistering like a boiled cow" and i have no recollection as to where i've heard it before. i hope to goodness it's not an original thing i came up with, cos it reflects badly on my sense of um, yeah it just reflects badly on my common sense =p

nothing to blog about. successfully went tanning today and read a trashy book during that time. gives you an idea how trashy and how easy it was to get through. tried to go to the steam room today but chickened out cos it was all dark and i was alone. creepy.

wei!! all you tekong boys better stop pang seh-ing me. what's all this about defending the country blahblahblah NE thing. come out and spend time with me! *unabashed whining* hmm am strangely looking forward to the weekend and my nice long (drug induced) sleep on the (99% confirmed) uncomfortable flight with (100% definitely) crying babies and space occupying, snoring, grunting and smelly men. but the thought of missing another rugby session kinda dampens my mood =/

uni apps going slowly, but steadily. how can it be that there are so many things to do and *choychoy* all that might come of it is nothing? *choychoyCHOYtouchwoodhugmytable*

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