Sunday, March 13, 2005

matter of consideration

a bit upset and mostly exasperated. if you don't really want something, don't go for it. don't deprive others of a chance. yes you may be deserving and well qualified, but if you have no desire for something rare and precious and life changing, please don't cause others heartache by chasing after it too. but then again, life takes us where life takes us and maybe i'm not fated

will someone buy me cds? i want plenty. these are the first that popped in my mind. all those ppl who have borrowed stuff from me and lost them, please consider this :D and return my cds/dvds/books
1. robbie williams
2. david tao/jay chou's 1st album
3. 5 for fighting
4. jars of clay (yes i still love them)
5. the corrs
6. damien rice
7. corinne may
8. goo goo dolls
9. avril lavigne (for feeling rebellious and jilted)
10. jewel
11. REM
12. blink!! (can't believe i didn't think of them earlir)
13. smashmouth
14. counting crows
15. everclear
16. clay aiken/garethgates/will young
17. frank sinatra
18. jason mraz
19. bon jovi
20. TRAVIS!!

look forward to more silly posts today. i am in a strange mood. and argh i need to grow some balls. hai.

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