Monday, March 21, 2005

don't mess with me, buster =p

if you go to j8, or orchard mrt, beware of people asking for donations
if you have no time, just ignore people with no credible license, or those who don't give the name of their organisation, for that matter.

if you happen to try and be nice and listen to their pitch, argh for goodness' sake, don't be conned okay! a week ago, i was in j8 with jm and he donated $10 to this guy dressed in black who claims to be helping to raise funds (there's a minimum donation of $5, wth) for disabled kids who're put to sleep if they have no money [please, euthanasia in our country is illegal, friend]. then on saturday at orchard he approached me to ask for money again, this time producing a rather inauthentic license, cos in my opinion even my grandma could whip up something like that on the comp. so i said no thank you and walked on. today he asked for 2 minutes of my time and i said no, but he persisted and asked me, dya know what i'm trying to do here. i said yes i know, you're trying to get us to donate to charity. his somewhat earnest face [is it because of the smell of money? damn so cynical today] changed into this horrible sneer and he raised his voice to scold me, cos apparently, i had "the bloody wrong idea."

of course it's not nice to be rejected, and you shouldn't be apologetic when you ask for donations. BUT to be nasty isn't the way to go. thankfully i had the sense to walk off before bursting out at his horrible-ness. (in truth i was scared he would come and kill me) i so feel like doing something evil to him, cos after we went back to bishan mrt, he was there with his friend and they were glaring horrible glares at me. how awful! =( it's not a nice feeling to be glared at. hm, supposing i'm wrong and he Is from a valid charity, i apologise and humbly await your forgiveness.

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