Tuesday, March 22, 2005

drift away

haha hon always gets me high. even on msn. just typing people's names became a suddenly exciting affair. all the exclamation marks in the world will not do us any justice haha :) and urgh the horrendous task of finding a proper name, something not practical and plain boring, nothing too ridiculous and far fetched. just wish we could finally have a nice big get together and eat and laugh at anything. is this a last ditch attempt to relive my childhood, mend broken friendships, see everyone before we part ways and not meet for a decade or more? no idea what the tangible reason behind gatherings are, but it's fun and i like food and people.

heh these days been just rummaging through all my old stuff, looking for contacts and email addresses. kinda started at yun's house reading her Very Embarrassing (for certain people, me included) letters, then when hon got me riled up i flipped through old autograph books (mr eu: "may the force be with you") and realised i have a huge pile of postcards, letters, things written on the oddest places. fire hazard i tell you =p but can't bear to throw anything away. haha so funny how i lost every single ring i had (i didn't throw anything away!! they just got kept so well...) but i manage to press all the scrap paper and amass all that. ah my mum has told me to try and organise all that. maybe i shall do something she says for once. tralaaa~*

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