Saturday, March 26, 2005

hilarious autograph from way back.

"Dearest Emily, it has really been a very good time knowing you for 6 years. But you like to gossip too much. But Nina is worse. Anyway, all the best! To add in, actually, you're not a very gossipy type of girl. Maybe you're influenced by Nina. All the best"

and another one. really made me realise how long ago we were kids. and how much some people have grown. HAHAHA. okay la at least the height has changed too.

"Name: ***** ****
154cm (taller than u lah!)
35.5kg (lighter [a bit])"

all this buzz about nyps. pretty excited, and i've started talking to interesting people i would never speak to if i were still in nyps. they are what you would call Boys =p zheng yuan is such a nice person to talk to at night. basically i have to say that cos i haven't talked to him in the morning or afternoon. and argh i'm allergic to either 1. old paper, 2. neon-ink, 3. glitter, 4. tiara pens, 5. PINK. the overwhelming amount of pink covering all the messages and letters has made my hands red and itchy. goodness gracious me.

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