Sunday, March 27, 2005


went shopping with zhui. wah biang. but first, as punishment for being extremely NOT punctual, i had to search the whole of borders for a boy i could barely recognise. what a brilliant waste of time =p HAHA. we entered war zones at the dkny 70% off sale, scoured the earth for a good pair of shades and of course admired Hot Model at zara.

it's not fair that some people can fit into more clothes than others, and that some people can afford to splash out hundredplus dollars on shirts made of cloth [as opposed to shirts made of gold or some nasa invented material] bleargh. i am not made for cool branded clothes, but i like cheap stuff most of the time, so nvm. didn't get much out of it ;) but what did you expect in the first place?

permanent jetlag starting to bother me (yeah only now, after 3 months since i first started going to uk) sleep cycle screwed up. mwahaha i just put down the phone, on a certain person doing embarrassing things in the privacy of an empty houses. tsktsk. ask and i'll tell ;)

anyway. what's the difference between loving and being in love? i can't put it eloquently enough and if given my 5 seconds to speak, i'd probably end up saying, love is love and in love is in love. bah and what do you know about true love my friend? please, enlighten me.

oh oh happy easter!! don't know quite how to celebrate it but i try my best with easter eggs and any kind of nice food related to chocolate ;D
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