Thursday, March 31, 2005

hand brakes and chocolate cakes

first driving lesson
number of cars crashed: 0
number of times car stalled: 1
number of times i sqawked and screamed: 67985182 (haha that looks like a phone number.)
gosh bbdc is fully booked till end of april. how am i supposed to retain all the info about clutches and brakes till then!!

reached home only to call in pizza where the delivery man got completely lost despite being 50m away from the house. he also asked me if i lived in my house. what kind of question is that? do you think i'd pay you money, give you directions, wait an hour, walk a few houses down to Look For You if i lived somewhere else? bleargh. nvm. had tonnes of fun making (but mostly eating) hershey's sinful sinful chocolate cake with hon. mmmm :) i am still drooling at the very whisper of the word Chocolate. and i hope your blouse is fine. it must smell/taste great ;D

i may gossip, and spread rumours as a result of that. but i certainly don't create them, neither do i exaggerate what i hear then pass them on. i say what i know, and i believe what i know is mostly factual, cos if not then it's calling my fellow friends liars and i doubt that. right. like there are ethics and rules for Gossiping =p

hey, so Now I Know why when people say you are Defensive, you take such great offence. because those are the times you think you are right, and you most probably are. so it gets under your skin when they say anything otherwise.

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