Saturday, April 02, 2005


for the record i caught more fish than amos and no one fell into the pond :D

fun day of general bumming and pigging out yesterday. started with me oversleeping. oversleeping what? oh i was planning to wake up real early and drop by jo's office to give her the piece of sinful sinful (remember?) chocolate cake before she came to work. but i woke up at 1130 no thanks to my magic time travel bed that changes 8 hours of sleep to well, more than that =p

after much fussing and choosing, we picked out harry potter and *gasp* thunderbirds and rented the videos. ate up all the chips in my house (great feat, there's a Lot of chips in my house) played with my dogs and had an adventure fishing. most people would fish in drains or in the sea, but i went fishing in my pond out of sheer boredom and fascination at the myriad of colours shimmering on the surface. manymany guppies whee! :) well, just 4 guppies, 2 each in a bowl on the tv table and 1 unlucky tank on another table.

i think i like doing applications. it's such a transitionperiod kinda thing to be doing, in between graduating from jc and enrolling in a uni. very lightheaded about it =p and it makes me feel good because i'm occupied And i'm definitely not hearing about me being Rejected by anyone >.<

even so. i don't like This weightless floaty feeling now. because there's no real person in mind, no target, no ambition. so caught in the middle when there's nothing on either side. no idea whether this is based on competitive streak (somewhere deep down i'm sure) or a hunger for love and some kind of closeness. i miss being loved. hai.

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