Wednesday, March 16, 2005

monopoly board

if i've learnt anything, it's that my mum and i are not really very good with maps. not at all.
all i could do was to point out street names we are all familiar with, thanks to monopoly. apart from that we got pretty lost trying to read maps, when in fact the theatre we were looking for was just 5 minutes away from where we started getting lost at. shall stick to asking pleasant londoners.

1. met christelle who's gonna tour uk for about 2 weeks. i'll be thrilled to have her as my classmate, anywhere.
2. shopping in london wasn't fantastic. mum kept grouching everytime we walked into somewhere cool. that was a brilliant but torturous tactic to keep me from buying anything since she couldn't find anything for herself. bloody hell.
3. big jackets and many layers of clothes suck. they're heavy, you look like a fat blob and can't move around properly. totally off putting when you're trying to shop and worst still when you really need to go to the loo. haha such a cute word.
4. musicals! watched mary poppins. do you know how culturally vibrant london is? and how singapore has a longlong way to go. on a Monday night there was a completely Sold Out musical, well not just one, but many other musicals too. wahh.
5. mwahaha sat next to a quite good looking guy on the plane. but nothing happened =( i blame my mother and the fact that he was half asleep the whole trip (poor thing had to fly from ireland to london to singapore to cairns)

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