Saturday, April 30, 2005

3 cheers for selffars!! and for the unfortunate fat cats too ;)
considering most of the team work in very inactive states, and are a year older (hence less healthy) than the steroidgirl and co. it's really something to be proud of. i am.

very fun day at taka square. i don't think it's officially called that but nvm. didn't get burnt, didn't cry or get drunk, did get very excited bitching about steroids etc. one very loud and many notsoloud "is he your boyfriend" questions - more people are questioning, but i am less in doubt of the final answer. argh, it's the old Emily Syndrome back to haunt me. sheesh. maybe it's just not the right moment. god probably knows what he's doing, cos if he doesn't, i'm kinda screwed up.

i think geography really does determine a friendship's lasting ability, at all stages of the friendship (i.e. new friends, old friends, best friends.. okay whatever, not enough stages to sound like a proper term) especially if you have different careers and sports and hobbies - though it's quite unlikely you'll be friends with people who have not a single common interest. time spent talking or just sitting quietly next to each other on the bus ride to/from, or the walk home helps bonding. of course if you make an effort though, Anything can be fixed.

thank you daph for brightening up my bus rides home :)
don't you think daph is pretty? she's so pretty!! heehee.

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