Thursday, April 28, 2005

oh my darling, i love the way i fit snuggly in your arms/body, the warm and fuzzy feeling i get inside, and how i am never bored of sleeping with you. you have the perfect size shape and firmness, and the most comforting smell in the entire world. you are my (horizontal) pillar of strength and comfort, and my ever reliable confidante. thought i'd give my bed a little praise, since i spend a third of my life on top of it. i will miss it if i go away, and i can't decide which pillow to take with me >.< am lacking in confidence for next monday. help!

slowly appreciating all the good things in life makes me happy :)
tomorrow i will count more of my blessings. and tomorrow i swear to get up earlier, so that if i play on saturday i won't fall asleep halfway due to my ever screwed up sleep cycle. if i don't, then i won't fall asleep while cheering my babes on =p

lookit my darling! hrm, dun nag about the evil teletubby, or the pillow that looks like a giant viagra pill, or the fact that there's an impression of my head permanently etched into the big red pillow. notice how i am surprisingly neat when i sleep ;D

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