Monday, April 25, 2005

bitch, the verb

instead of feeling angry, i am now saddened by the fact that takuya kimura is being displaced by my rantings. gah. sorry sau :*(
lesson #1: don't bitch about people in front of their friends. i don't have to learn this lesson, but some people do. it's not so much the content of the bitching, but rather the circumstances that peeve me. that's fine, i'm fine for now, because daryl and hon and hl love me *smiles*
lesson #2: don't walk too much after binging on thai food, you will get tired =) duh. ivan and mag are hilarious, and i love people who love to eat, and share good food. i love hon. we (hon and i) very gung-ho-ly walked all the way from holland v to 6th ave, me with 2 jackets and hon and her big bag and box, talking nonsense and the opposite of the opposite of nonsense (bleargh stupid psychometric test)

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