Friday, April 15, 2005

chocolate fountain please

wah after a disappointing afternoon of non-rugbyness, i had the most glorious dinner. it wasn't because of the ambience, or the price (definitely not the price) it was because of the myriad of yummylicious food, all for your binging pleasure. theline at shangri-la doesn't cost as much as fullerton's buffet, and is pretty funky with the orange lightings and slightly retro waitress/waiter uniforms. they have people making crepes, satay, sashimi/sushi, pasta, grilled seafood, all kinds of noodles etc. but the best part was the chocolate fountain. mmmmmm ;) oh and then there's a really pretty vera wang dress on display in the wedding shop next to the restaurant. it's so pretty, but that'll have to wait a long while more.

hmm, had a fun time at chinese high attending the nyps sports day this morning with fiona and honhon - everyone thought i was hon's kid sister or something, a bit weird. kids are quite cute these days, and girls are somehow so chio!! argh sound paedophilic.

gonna wake up early (which means before my usual bummy time of 10 - 1130) at 8++ to go watch women's rugby at padang. come and watch! singapore won all their matches today, which means they're in the finals. woo, go singapore :) realise i've been rugbymadness-ing since yesterday's street touch session. yay i'm so glad i found rugby. will talk more after 7s i guess. so sleepy from all the eating... goodnight!

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