Wednesday, April 13, 2005

my family

who declared the 12th of april 412 day?
i declare the 12th AND 13th of april 412 days, since we're so great! :D

and err... since i forgot about it till the last minute of the day =p anyway, enough crapping, i love you girls. here's to another year of fun and laughter and may we all find ourselves waking up to dreams that came true (not nightmares, you know what i mean) i no longer think of us as a class, now we're good friends who've been there for each other, and who happen to have the same set of funky teachers and come from one wonderful class. in commemoration of the bonds made, i've got photos! look under 412 adventures. thanks for walking with me through life, it's a long journey and i know i'm never alone :)

*anyone got photos of sec4 days? i so want one of kai sleeping.

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