Sunday, April 10, 2005

sunday morning

phone conversations are. interesting. food love sex, and height ;)
am a big fat liar, enough said

before that had an Interesting one with someone who was feeling oily =p
first time i've been so honest about everything. liberating-ness

if you like someone trulymadlydeeply enough, wouldn't you tell her/him? do you Honestly think that by having someone tell you first, it would make your feelings clearer? do you think that by spending half a life time with someone you vaguely know, you will grow to like him/her?
truth be told, that's bullshit, and i'm never going to buy it. because i have hope in romance and guys having balls. because there's still something i have to prove to myself, and i think i only have one shot at it. fuck off and don't tell me to not be humji.
so i may have a Panglossian view of life, but. i think you are a coward. but that's what i think - that's a moo point so nvm.

*haha ili i used it! =p

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