Friday, April 08, 2005


i'm a big sucker for romantic comedies with weddings as a backdrop. there's bound to be romance, drama and comedy for the ultimate feel good movie =p

just don't want to end up as julia roberts in my best friend's wedding. she didn't get the guy, she got a gay. love that movie to death, but i sure don't want my life to be like hers, though she's got my dream job [food critic] and she got to kiss dermot mulroney. hmm i must gush about him!! he looks so suave and his voice is soooo mesmerising. and the way he hugs the lead actress is just really so... enviable. his strength, warmth and sincerity shone through and made me cry like a goon. bah.

argh. i must be getting lonely =/ come on, who on earth gives such nice hugs?! it's humanly impossible to find such a perfect gentleman. except for maybe hon's jon. HAHA. whatever.

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hmm let's see, besides the usual (i.e. funny spontaneous intelligent and mature) these are musts.
1. decently deep/low voice
2. big warm body and strong arms - to sweep me off my feet/hug me when i'm sad
3. great dancer! (i can't dance for nuts)
4. mussable hair ;) no armyhaircut or don't-touch-my-head nonsense, and please, no more wax.
5. gorgeous eyes that see only me! [my dream list, leave me alone.]
6. must love dogs!

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