Tuesday, April 05, 2005


1. disaster of a golf lesson, fingers still gnarled and cramped up. and i Hate wearing my mum's shoes. but, it felt good whacking ball after ball after ball ;) more intensive ball whacking tmr yay!!

2. met ivan early in the morning, and trudged up the hill to get to the business school only to wait an hourplus before the interview. i felt really super smart after that =) qotd "___ is known for their many cute girls and cmi guys, as is the rest of singapore actually"

3. went too late to sign up for anything at jitterbugs and we kinda abandoned the mission after reading that bachata involved "naughty hip movements" O_o

4. mwahaha i want more chocolate cake. warm chocolate cake suddenly sounds... wrong =p

5. testing my patience, also testing my ability to be a good friend this time round. it's only human nature to get sick of hearing the same things everyday, especially if it really doesn't make a difference any more. of course, what else are friends for.

6. ma'am said i was too easy going. yeah, maybe. so weird to have her comment on me. but i (and jo) also say i'm v stubborn. so which is it?

7. unemployment is pretty boring if you can't find activities, and if your friends are all employed. i pity the first taitai in the world =p had to turn down job offer from mr gn, or rather his mum. gah, would've liked to work - it's gotta be better than rotting my brain.

8. woohoo last minute change of plans are quite exciting. daryl makes me laugh (and feel fat, but that's a different story) yay momiji babes on saturday :D

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