Monday, April 18, 2005


hmm, now that i'm sober, i can tell you everything about singapore sevens, from my short perspective =p

the day started at 12plus, with the jc 7s nationals, which was funny in the sense that all around us were supporters of every school beside rj. good seats indeed, it seemed that throughout the day we were fated to support teams no one else in our area supported haha. met sauyee and her sister who is surprisingly white (if you have never seen sau, she not white; she is tanned, and beautiful)

the sun was scorching and whit and weekeat and philip came to sit next to me. the guys bought beer whee~* a lesson learnt is that warm beer doesn't taste very good, but drinking one jug by yourself will kill you, so you must buy one jug, hurry share with your friends then proceed to buy more jugs and carry on drinking in the same fashion to ensure cold beer and maximum satisfaction.

rugby is really very cool, cos it's very fast paced and there's continuity which is important to keep me interested, since i suspect i have attention deficit disorder. the players are fantastic and they're so good at tackling, passing, creating and running through gaps and of course scoring. everyone looks so good cos they're very skilled!! i can't for the life of me fathom why the rest of singapore isn't enthusiastic about it =(

i had a good view of my number 7 so i'm not complaining about the stadium not being filled to the max- he got sent to the sin bin and i heard many girls getting upset, but still glad cos his face was immediately shown on the big screen ;) -though i must gripe about the smoking. rain or shine, there are people puffing away. LUNG CANCER, HELLO! hmm but i've grown used to it, and with alcohol in my blood, i don't suppose i'd mind anything. oh yes, i am a fan of alcohol. the buzz is quite nice since i've nothing else to make me happy (i.e. sweet boyfriends, top unis begging me to go, med scholarships are kinda non-existent) heehee so we took pictures, jumped around, danced and sang to the singable songs, comparatively tamer than some other ppl around us. tabi kept telling me to shuddup cos the moment i opened my mouth, i was just uttering rubbish. kinda true, but i do that everyday, don't i =p i'm very happy i went for sevens, will definitely drag more people next time

hmm, i'm still high and crazy over rugby. this is the one sport i've taken a liking to that is fun to watch and fun to play, that has gotten me so high so crazy so many times before (recall many other posts gushing about it) okay i'm going to rj to play street and get my portfolio in order

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