Wednesday, April 20, 2005


strange day of missing appointments. first i forgot to cancel my theory prac+evaluation at bbdc, then i overslept and forgot i woke up =p actually the correct chronological order was the oversleeping, then remembering that i forgot to cancel the lesson. then jo didn't come, so me and yun entertained ourselves eating like pigs and watching hero. unfortunately for ilai, the vcds are all with chinese subtitles only =/

after yun left i had tonnes of fun in my kitchen, making watermelon juice (a very pathetic attempt because in the end i realised the chopper was a left-handed chopper, which kinda explains why it took me really long to halve the damn thing) and digging up cool recipes from "the great rgs cookbook" if i go overseas, i must take it with me! stomach is aching from the sheer amount of food i've gobbled down. heehee my apply crumble is fantastic =)

bah, despite tonnes of advice from tonnes of wise people, seniors juniors teachers coaches and well meaning friends, i can't decide! nvm more people are having it worse than me, so i will count my blessings. my parents are mostly fine with whatever i decide, i think. just all up to fate, if i believe in it. it's such a tiring job, thinking =p

"lunchtime sms convo excerpt:

emily: Yeah i read your blog, linked from yl's from ili's. Haha the guy sounds cute!

sixuan: the lifeguards? they are 40 yr old indo uncles.

emily: HAHA. Chey. Lifeguards are supposed to be cute so that you can drown and when they save you you can fall in love hahaha.

sixuan: which reminds me.. i haven't seen cute guys for a long time already.. "

cai makes me laugh. so does philip. hello there :)

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