Saturday, April 23, 2005

ode to jap guys, and betty crocker

now only jap guys - with the exception of exceptionally cute smustudent interviewer who looks like a rugger and whose smile made my day. wait he may just be jap too so nvm - make me so happy!! heehee i am high, again. on air, and pictures of shuai jap guys. they aren't particularly hot, but people like takuya kimura make me smile the Whole Entire day. he's veryvery cute and charismatic :D

daryl and i had fun just bumming the Entire day. baked chocolate fudge brownies, then shengxiang's drugged bday cake, and only after nicely (though reluctantly) cutting out half of the brownie batch for people we'll meet on sunday, did we gobble up everything. also watched hero and long vacation... thank goodness these vcds never fell into my hands during the As. i cannot stop thinking about my heavenly jap guys ;p

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jap guys. takuya kimura, hideaki takizawa, yutaka takenouchi, takeshi kaneshiro. heehee. i have a poster exactly like the first photo, from a kind-hearted zhui, hanging in my room - it looks a bit like a shrine, though it really isn't! i am so happy. jap guys, i love you, come marry me ;) okay whatever so i'm mad, but really have you seen them!! okay look i had a lot of trouble deciding so i decided to just post tenthousand instead of 1.

he is Gorgeous. i know why ili watches the show on channel u, even though it's in jap/chinese. i know why i don't really get the show, cos all i notice is him. this is worse than my 172 crisis! possibly

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that's takuyakimura doing strange things. i kinda like guys who look delicious when they're blur, sleeping, eating, stoning, and scolding people. mainly cos in real life, that's what people do! noone actually poses for hours a day, except poseurs =p okay enough. off to dream of him!

ps. sorry no pictures of the cake/brownies cos it's all *gasp* gone!!

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