Thursday, May 05, 2005

is it me, or is time passing really quickly?
every day i tear a page from my calendar and put it next to the calendar. that's mostly cos i like the pictures on the pages, and sheer laziness to throw anything away. seriously though, the pages remaining diminish quicker than my meals do these days, and i haven't achieved much :( mystery for me to ponder over the next few days. or maybe it'll be a few weeks before i realise it. i'd hate to grow up, but life is life is life so i've gotta live it. hmm.

driving was fantastic today! totally high from muscle cramping clutch holding and uncoordinated braking and accelerating. because i got to drive on the roads of singapore today!! outside cheatyourmoney bbdc :) whee~* my instructor was so nice - no not hitting on me. come to think of it, who would!! - when he said he wanted to be the first person to take me on the roads outside even though i'm only supposed to do it tomorrow. we spent the time driving around bt batok, talking about everything including mutual acquaintances, and laughing at my bad driving. for the record, i didn't stall the car, run over stray cats, go over curbs, or knock any kid down *beams* my instructor should get a nobel prize for surviving the ride, cos i confused left with right (as usual) and my feet were suddenly disconnected from my brain/ears/eyes/hands. all i can say is, thank goodness for pro driving instructors :D

qotd: "you know what, you'd look better if you were taller"
thank you, i so needed to hear that for the millionth time.
of course it was taken out of context, and i had a great time driving around so i shall forgive him.

okay here's my number 7 from the allblacks sevens team. his name is tamati ellison and i dunno how come he's not as photogenic as i imagined!! *grumbles* haha no idea why we were so so so smitten with him. perhaps he should hold a rugby ball and pose. goodnight!
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