Saturday, May 07, 2005

monday blues

life is largely grief and labour
two things help you through:
jeering when they hit your neighbour,
whining when it's you.

so here i am whining. it's only saturday and i've been worrying like shit, no thanks to my mother who talks/shouts/nags etc. about it every second of the day. i woke up and was bombarded by "did you know that polio blahblahblah" i can't tell them to shuddup cos i'll be disowned, but it's really quite irritating after a while to see them frowning and shaking their heads as if i can't make it.

haha still imagining mrsshittyface and how bitchy people'll be on monday.

my bed looks inviting but i have too many windows and not enough light-obstructing curtains, and the noise from opposite is unbearable. damn the construction at chinese high. if you're super ultra rich, give me money to study, don't give me a headache at 9am. i wanna go london NOW *grrr*

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